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Field Research Station of the Climatology Department "Botanical Garden" in Cracow

The station was established as early as in 1792 by Jan Śniadecki as part of the Astronomical Observatory.
The first
Budynek Stacjiobservations were made on May 1 1792 and since August 1825 the station has operated without any breaks or disruptions up till now. The location of the basic instruments - psychrometre and extreme thermometres has remained the same - a north-facing window 12 metres above the ground and is now called "the historic station". In 1958 a meteorological observations site was built within the Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University. In 1976 the station became part of the Climatology Department of the Institute of Geography and has since then been modernized and the range of observations extended to include, among others, actinometric research or soil temperature measurements. In 1994 the station was automated.


 The station is part of the network of climatological posts of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management and the site of research and educational activity. The main research areas include:

- extreme climatic phenomena in the upper Vistula drainage basin in their bioclimatical aspect,Ogródek meteorologiczny

- terrain evaporation, potential evapotranspiration and evaporation in the upper Vistula drainage basin,

- recent changes of the Kraków climate against the background of the Central Europe,

- radiation balance of urban and industrial areas on the example of the Kraków agglomeration,

- human impact on selected elements of the local climate of urban areas on the example of Kraków.


Field Research Station of the Climatology Department "Botanical Garden" in Cracow
31-501 Kraków, Kopernika 27
Phone: +48/12/421-32-62

Research supervisor: MSc Katarzyna Piotrowicz
Head: Mr Piotr Pieczara