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Day 1, Sunday, 3.07.2022

Arrivals of students and some lecturers who teach in week one

Welcome guided walk in the historic city centre (UNESCO area)

Welcome dinner

Day 2, Monday, 4.07.2022, Introduction

9.00-9.30 Registration

9.30-9.45 Official opening of the school, welcome addresses

Introductory lectures

Student introductions and short presentations

Day 3, Tuesday, 5.07.2022,

Historic Urban Landscape: dimensions of urban heritage and roles of heritage institutions


Urban quest/game in the historic district of Podgórze

Day 4, Wednesday, 6.07.2022, Heritage, tourism, and image building

Lectures and tutorials

Day 5, Thursday, 7.07.2022, full day field trip outside Krakow

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska – a UNESCO World Heritage site and a town of creative traditions

The village of Lanckorona – community involvement in rediscovery and promotion of local heritage

Day 6, Friday, 8.07.2022, Heritage and tourism. Opportunities and challenges. GIS in heritage research and management (part 1)

GIS workshop


Day 7 and 8, Saturday and Sunday, 9-10.07.2022

Individual study time and programme for visiting Krakow (visual storytelling contest)

Day 9, 11.07.2022, GIS in heritage research and management (part 2), Imaginative solutions for unique heritage sites (part 1)

GIS workshop

Workshop/historic site visit

Day 10, Tuesday, 12.07.2022, full day field trip outside Krakow

Deadline for handing in entries – visual story telling contest

Industrial heritage of Upper Silesia (Katowice, Zabrze, Gliwice) (a field trip to the west of Krakow)

Day 11, Wednesday, 13.07.2022, full day field trip outside Krakow

The multicultural heritage of Galicia: tangible and intangible heritage of rural areas (a field trip to the south-east of Krakow)

Day 12, Thursday, 14.07.2022

Workshop following a site visit 


Discussion panel: Heritage and regional development

Day 13, Friday, 15.07


World café: Heritage and regional development:  global issues – local solutions

Final remarks. Presentations and awards in the visual story telling contest

Farewell dinner

Day 14 and 15, Saturday 16.07 and Sunday 17.07

Individual study programme and visits to heritage sites