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EGEA (European Geography Association for Students and Young Geographers)

EGEA (European Geography Association for Students and Young Geographers) - an organization that creates a network of geography students from 28 mainly European countries. The association aims to support the development of young geographers by being able to get to know other countries and the culture of their peers, as well as by exchanging geographical knowledge between them. These goals are implemented through the organization of congresses, student exchanges between entities (among them EGEA Krakow), workshops, excursions, and also by publishing publications.

The secretariat and servers of the association are located at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

The communication platform is the association website, and the language used for communication in the organization is English.

In brief

  1. EGEA is a huge association of geographers from all over Europe (+ Turkey),
  2. Allows you to meet many wonderful people from every corner of our continent with the help of only English,
  3. It gives the opportunity to travel to a whole lot of European cities,
  4. Thanks to numerous trips we get to know other cultures and exchange them with our knowledge,
  5. Has many types of activities that anyone can use,
  6. The Association has been operating for over 30 years (and is still active)!


  1. Scientific Congresses

The most important events in EGEA. It is on them that the largest number of people meet to exchange their knowledge and culture. At congresses you can take part in many workshops, trainings, discussions, contests and many more.

Of these, 5 types can be separated:

  • Eastern European Congress (ERC),
  • Western European Congresses (WRC),
  • South European Congresses (EMRC),
  • North European Congresses (NBRC),
  • Annual Congresses (AC).
  1. Student exchanges

The best way to spend a week abroad with small fees. It is thanks to exchanges that it is possible to get to know the city completely in the company of newly met friends from other countries.

In exchange for a week spent with us, we have the possibility of a week's stay in warm countries (Spain) or cold (Finland) or moderate (Germany).

  1. Hosting and occasional Meetings

It happens that guests from abroad want to come to us - some just want to go out to the city, while others do not have the money for a hostel looking for support from us, so as their "friends" we give them the opportunity to spend 1-2 nights.

  1. Workouts, Workshops, Trips etc.

These are usually weekend meetings aimed at teaching you new skills, transfer geographic knowledge, or explore a given area among your friends.

We especially recommend you to read the proposals on Newbie Weekends (events prepared especially for new members of EGEA) - this can help you learn how EGEA works from within and learn about other newbies from all over Europe.


The Board of EGEA Kraków 2018/2019

  • Aleksander Sielecki - CP1 EGEA Krakow
  • Dawid Skowron - CP2 EGEA Krakow
  • Arkadiusz Patyrak - Event Coordinator EGEA Krakow

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